Confess Your Mess
Confess Your Mess

Episode · 1 month ago

Pandemic, Plungers & Panties w/ AJ & Emile


This week, the guys fly solo after a gnarly couple of weeks fighting COVID. With their test results 100% negative and their vibe results 100% positive, they're back to tackle some pandemic related listener submited secrets. If you like Insomnia Cookies as much as Emile does, and if you like Emile's nipples as much as AJ does, then you've come to the right place.

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STRAWT media. Let's do it. COVID is fun. COVID is not fun. We were we were sick with covid for a while and we were quarantine together and that was is still well, we're out of it now. I know we're not quarantined anymore. Do not over the aankst of it all. Well, know, you know when you put two people together and you're both sick and you're both taking care of yourself. Yeah, patients Rantin, Tempers Ranch Short, and we had to keep our dog alive. Yeah, and our dog was just does not understand what was going on. And Yeah, it was yeah, it was just it was not fun. But you all who follow us on social media, on Instagram, you sent some beautiful messages and you are very concerned. We appreciate it. We are on the other end of it and now we are going to push forward and get back to our day to day life. Every single person we told we got COVID, their first respondral school better now than during the wedding. Like yeah, that what I want to hear, but also true. Right, but also it sucks. Right, don't get it on instagram. We asked for pandemic secrets. So, but not necessarily covid really a secrets or pandemic secrets necessarily, but like secrets that happened in the last two years, in the last two years. Yes, I had like a brain of Fart therey. But before we get into that, covid, fog, oh, Co long over. Yeah, before we get into that, though, if you just see your first time, this is confess your mess. On this podcast we get listeners submit it secrets and we break them down, usually with a celebrity guest, but this week, because we are recovering from covid and we took some time off. Yeah, we don't have a guess. We were just like, let's just do us, just us, which I think. I think that's a gift. Listen, if we can't carry a podcast for one episode every now and then, why ourselves? We're doomed. So here we are. Oh No, if you want to be our podcast, you could also be our third cohost by submitting your confessions, in your secrets and confess your mess dot us. You can leave us a voice note. If you'd like, you can leave us a written note. You can tell us as much as little about yourself as you like. Yes, really wild secret. You can be anonymous, although it's more fun to know a name. So just make one up and I know it doesn't be a real name. Yeah, okay. So let's get into the episode, because a J and I, as you can tell, we are still coming out of it, but this is usually the part where I would ask our guests to give us like a vice or something maybe in their life that is a bad habit that they have not been able to like go of. But if we don't have a guest right now, I still want to do this, so we're going to kind of like play this as a duo. Okay, and maybe this is something that you have been doing during the pandemic more so than you did before. That's maybe not great for you. It's maybe a bad habit you've created. And if you can't come up with the one, I've got five. I'm already this is your mess. But yeah, what's yours? What's your pandemic mess? But yeah, my mess. But yes, is anything sugar. So during the pandemic, and specifically in the last couple of months, I've just, I think was the the stress of it all, just life. I will order insomnia cookies Wiley Wallaby, which is this red liquorice. That is delicious. It's his way and got him hooked on it and he's asked turn taste way better than twizzlers. Also, Jrribo sours, haven't gotten in a while. Fro Yo cookies and cream ice cream. Till Amok, if you are have that brand, or you are. I got briars one time. No, I didn't even open it. Do Open it, throw it away. crispy cream original to lay sponsorust briers and then warm it. Warm it up in the microwave for like ten seconds if you want to get that hot goodness again. If you don't get it when the hot sign is on right, well, they have crispy creme in the grocery store now. That's where I buy it from, and then I have to reheat in the microwave.

But Anyway, so your list is long. Yes, that's my mess, but yes, I just love sweet and sugar. Okay, goodness, I would say that my mess. But yes, obviously I talked about red wine and cheese. That's a lot on the podcast and love, Love, love, love, love cheese. That's another one of mine. During the pandemic would be probably Black Cherry white claws. HMM. I went through a whole phase of that. Did I had a lot of those. And I will say Chili Cheese FRITO's when I'm at work. I host a radio show five days week and I'm there early and we be having Chili Cheese frito sometimes at thirty in the morning. tweird, and like a little cop salad. That is so weird. That's a weird combination, but I'm up early and it's there and so I just do it. But it's to have chili cheese fritos and a copy salt and coffee, and coffee is like an experience. So I know it's I know it's a disaster and it's a mess, but it's my ass. Yeah, well, you can open up the restaurant called triple C and it's literally the main Combo is Chili Cheese Fritos, coffee and a cop sell it. Before I get into the secrets, I do want to highlight our messenger of the week. If I want to be a messenger of the week, you can go to Itunes, rate comment five stars and leave a comment please, because some of you like to rate. In that leave a comment. You can also go to spotify and rate US five stars, but we don't know who you are, so we can't make your message. Do all the things, please and things, but also because we love you, guys and we can't do this without you. What do you a are you? The other way is to comment on the youtube videos, so I'm just going to highlight a random person, lola cheap ham, who commented on Willems Video. They said William's milkshake brought me to the yard today. Have to admit I endlessly love how real and honest and strong and hot they are and will will forever be. But I subscribed as well because I appreciate your vibes. You were both too cute and I like the format, so I will be back for more. Thanks for a lovely chat with one of my faiths. Wait, do you think her name is Lola? Cheat Ham or cheat them? I don't know if cheat ham sounds where. I feel like it's cheap them. I fully sprite cheat them. I say that cheat them right. You said cheat him. Did I say cheat him? Pretty sure you'd brow the back. Frank. What did I say? I'm pretty sure I said cheat them. We'll see. You don't even like him. Will see in the edit. I'm pretty sure I said cheat them. I don't think eighty nine percent sure that I'm right. Okay, so now, since we're alive and we don't edit this when we listen back, uh Huh. If I am correct and I say it, cheat, cheat them, what do I get? What do you want? I want, I want. Let me think about that. But what do you get? You know what I want. Oh my good, always the same thing. Oh my gosh. Okay, let's get to the crazy to please. Let's get into the secrets. Can I just tell our listeners how you trick them into simity in secrets. What you post? Some Holy Shit, I don't trick them. No, no, no, it's real. No, it's not a trick, but all that you do. He Post like if he posts his nipples, even one, or don't even get them, because two nipples up on his insto stories. Y'All submit secrets like crazy. Well, let me tell you, but that's actually not how I do it. So what happens is, because that story was three stories after the store, I was asking for secrets. I do that, though, because people who have already seen the secret story will start replying to the nipples story. Yeah, and then that shows instagram. Oh people are interest at least in that fourth story, you have the best nipples I've ever seen in my thank you. This all strategy. So if you see holy stuff on Instagram, just know as me trying to beat the Algorithm and get people to see my se nipples were weird. One I'm a little bit bigger than the other one. Let's see. No, no, yours were great, though. If you're watching the Youtube version, you can see this. On the Youtube video he has his nipples out right now. I definitely just fully expose. I'm currently looking. That's discusting to it. Okay, so this first one is from Oh we talked about not having anonymous as a name is from blue slime. One word, blue slime, blue slime. They said. My uncle's best friend and I are in a secret relationship. He's school's best friend and the okay, Uh Huh. He's eighteen years older than me. It's been going on for almost six months. I'm twenty six. You're going to map. What's the map on...

...that? Male or female lactly? I don't know. So they're twenty six. Twenty six and eighteen are six. Forty four. Okay, twenty six and forty four. Yeah, okay, yeah, okay, in a secret relationship. Um, you know, secret relationship, but that's the whole secret. That's all secret. WILLST IT? Yeah, well, it's also you're the one who always is like, I want show your secret. So and then you know. So, no, I'm short detailed secrets. Well, so here's what the what it is? They're sixteen or eighteen years apart and it's her uncle's best friend. Yeah, that's it. That's it. Seen that bad? Well, the secret relationship and also that. I mean, why is it a secret? Well, one, they're eighteen years apart. That's a bit of us. That's the pretty extreme, like eighteen years. That's the whole life, almost like a I don't think so, from a child to an adults. I seen here that, but twenty six, like you're an adult by then, I guess. Even so, yes, you're an adult. Not Saying that, but even us we're nine and a half years, twice as long apart. Yeah, and there's certain things that I will friends that you won't understand. It's sure yours. So I can imagine from zero to eighteen, you've lived through your formative years. He lived through like like you literally went from being not born to finishing high school and then I know that they've started. Okay, so, but what is the actual what do you think the actual issue? Wist, do you think one is the uncle's best friend, because I think that's actually I think that's actually the thing. They're more and then they're also probably a it might feel a little taboo to be dating somebody, sure like who's that much older than you. Sure it's probably exciting. Yeah, I think it's probably exciting both ways, though, because I think oftentimes we assume that like, the older person dating the younger person is the only one that's getting something out of except they got somebody younger. But I think the younger person often times really benefits too, because it's there's something fun about because I dated older guys when I first came out, and a couple of them and where they sugar daddies a little bit. Maybe not really, but but but yeah, probably, looking back, I mean I love that I dated a guy who's still a good friend. He's going to be at our wedding, but I dated him. He's a bit older than me, but only by a handful of years, but he just was more experienced in life and we traveled the world together. WHO's to buying me like designer clothing and like, I remember one time for Valentine's Day, bedroom set delivered for me, like mattress, betting, like literally dressers everything, because I needed it. I just moved La and I thought I was really sweet. Another time I was working and he had somebody deliver a note to me with a like a card, a handmade card that said I'm taking to Hawaii, like that kind of stuff was cool, and so in he was only a handful of years older than me, but he was well more established in his career than I was, and so I liked that. You know, I really enjoyed having somebody. It's like I benefited. He benefited because he had like a hot younger boyfriend. Yeah, I mean, I hear that I'm the hot one. Yeah, a handful, a handful, and again, not judging, but the handful of years is different than eighteen. Yeah, but I don't think it's fair to like all of a sudden say well, nine is okay, but ten is okay. But what does no better than all changes. But also, I didn't say it wasn't okay. I just said I just know from us if we already have things where you can't like relate to just that's just it's just such a vast different. I just my dad and stepmom are almost a year to the day different in age and I wouldn't want that relationship. I mean they're great, but like they don't communicate about a whole lot. Yeah, did they don't. They don't travel, they don't, like I know a lot of relationships that are people are exactly but age. Yeah, but that's also that's that havving to do with their age. It's just like the way they grew up. And yet yeah, but my point is, though, I don't think that age is a term determined factor. Will there be different things that you wouldcounter in a relationship because of a larger gap in age? Of course. Does that mean it's going to be more difficult? Not necessarily. You know, I think you can learn. I think sometimes if you're the younger person you can learn a lot from the older person. If you're older, they pore older person. Having a younger partner might keep you fresh and like get you excited, to reinvigorate you I wish hey best of luck and and you know,... doesn't have to be a secret forever, hopefully, because, yeah, the the we were secretly dating for a while and I would say it's it's fun and hot at first, but eventually it's like, okay, yes, you don't want to like sneak around and hide, so okay. This next one is from anonymous male. This was about junior year. I'm a college grant. Now every time I use the bathroom I would sit on the toilet plunger, using it as a Dildo and clean it off before leaving the bathroom. I would make sure no one was home and just go to town. I have came so hard using that old thing. Uh Huh, what is okay, here's my first question. Yes, is it a wood handle or one of the plastic ones, because the plastic one I can get down with and it's kind of like sometimes those plungers have like the ribs, sort of like whatever. That makes sense. Would that's splinters? That makes nervous. I mean some people like a little danger. Yeah, and we went to Rob Anderson's coffee showing. I knew you're ready other story, and he told us to. I'm not going to say, because he he's going to do other stars a joke. Ye, joking in his set about this. Yeah, about using the product, and I never personally. I don't off to see in my but me personally, I never used any anything like up my I did know. Would you care to share? Sure, yeah, I think it was like a was it was like a lint brush, but like not one of those plot or those like plot of the sticky ones, like one of the like the actual fabric limp brushes, and the end was kind of us the random. Yeah, the handle is was it one of those handles where it's skinny at the top, then gets pattern and get skinny again a little bit? It was, I think it's fatter at the end and then got skinnier in the middle of the offsite, I think, and I remember trying that one out. It was fatter at the end of guys can even I think so a little bit. Yeah, here's the thing when you're a queer kid growing up in a society and a place where none of those things are acceptable, right. I know it sounds taboo, but like straight guys touch themselves and girls touch themselves and they use other things to please themselves. Gay Guys, Gay kids don't have a lot of options. Yeah, so you have to get creative. Yeah, some of them do. Yeah, sure, yeah, and most of them do. I didn't. I'm saying if you choose to do that, though, yeah, you have to get creative, because there are a lot of thirteen and fourteen year old kids around the country that are like able to talk to their parents like hey, can I go to Dildo to try it out? Like that's it's not a conversation people are having. Look where the country is right now. It's not happening. So yeah, if you're going to be safe, keep it clean, avoid the wood. I hear that. I will say those isn't the kid. This was their junior year and their college grant now. So that means if they're college grant and now, that was recent for their junior year. If you're in college, you can go get a Dildo and try it out. So well, you don't know if there's a junior year in college or high school. I did it for the first time private as a junior or senior in high school. Doesn't say that just as their junior year and I'm a college grant now. But it also could have been in college. You weren't like how. When did you come out of the close? At what year after, after college? So your entire college experience you were in the closet. Yeah, this person could be too. You're right. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I guess I could be true. Did you got to do you not hurt anybody to be safe. Thanky. I'm glad you have fun. I'm glad you, as you said, quote, came so hard using that old thing and whatever floats your boat. Honestly, and hopefully you wipe the plunger down after each time. So my question is, is this a is this a communal plunger? I don't know. I will say this. I knew somebody. I won't say how I knew them because I would probably give it away, but who used to enjoy turning over a stool and using that one of the four legs? People do wild things. Will have to find out off the air who it is. I'll tell you who it is. Let me not saying it on air, though. No, I'M NOT gonna say it on there. Don't guess, okay, but listen, but it's wait, they so this this one. We're clear. They turned out of all the things you can use. They turned over a stool. Yeah, I was big. He likes me like them big, I guess. So. Yeah, could this be safe? Where did okay, I'll find out. All right, let's be a quick break. I...

...feel like it's a lot right now. We need a moment on me during the break. I'll tell you during the break. Okays, all right, welcome back to confess your mess. He did not tell me during the breakdown, did it? I didn't. Maybe later, if you're good. If I get that, I'm good. I get that thing that I wanted earlier. No, there will not be any stimulation. Will you tell me? Is it's going to be a J who is a you're going to tell me who was sticking as it thick ass stool with its still post up the booty, the booty hole. Okay, why don't you read the next one? Anonymous male? Okay, where am I right here? Yeah, which one? That paragraph? Okay, an anonymous mail. I remember my brother had his friend stay with us for a bit and the friend wore briefs. So I have an underwear fetish, so I decided to steal a pair of his underwear. Okay, not sure if they were clean. Don't judge. Got To do what you got to do and I would use them as a com rag Huh UG. It was so hot. And how did they know each other? It was a brother's friend. Yeah, yeah, that's hot. Yeah, that's that's good. That's hot. For sure's let's totally understandable. Like, I don't, I have no like. There's nothing about that where I would like who or judging. Let me tell you, when you're and they don't say they're they're age or anything. MMMM, this is hot. I mean this is every every gay guys had this fantasy. Well, listen, and here's the thing that I have. There been times like in the past, when I was younger, where I might have been in the locker room you see like a pair of under around the floor and you're like, HMM, I wonder. I'm not saying that actually has happened, but it is definitely a hot situation. I do wonder because I know used to be really, really, really turned on by smells like smells. Yeah, it did, and you know, your turn is in your kinks change over the years, I believe, but yeah, it when I was a few years ago, like five or six. Smells like the the musk would really burn on. There is something hot, though, because I think what's hot about this is the fact that the person doesn't know that you have their brief and that your turn on by this smells, and there's like this Oh yeah, he doesn't know. And then there's also if this the brother's friend, that brother's friends, probably somebody has a crush on who the crush is not reciprocateds and you just have all these scenarios and fantasies that going your head. I will say, though, I know I see you on tick tock all the time of people, like girls, who were like ladies, like sell your Panties, because, guy that you make so much money, like telling your panties. Is there a website for guys to sell rob their guys of DM me asking me for my underwear before if I could distel him to him? Wait, really, yeah, over the ars, I signore him. Nobody ever. Wait. Pause, pause. I guess my question is, why isn't way ever asking or that I remember? I don't think people have asked me for my underwear. Do Are you guys are not interested in getting my like? Is there a reason why? I get, I mean you get little funky sometimes, I know. So that's why I'm saying I feel like. I feel like if I were to sell my get more Musky, but if I were to sell my underwhere, I don't like people people open up that package like Oh yeah, that's the good stuff, but it wasn't this a whole season of orange is the new black. Didn't they do that? Always a prison suspicion. I'm saying, I know for a fact that that there's a lot of websites where women can sell their panties. I guess if you know, if you're listening to this or watching this, and you know, if a website, we're not. Okay, just to be clear, not to say that I'm selling my underwear. Yeah, but you might, but we got a house to buy some day. And I told her, I think I've told the story, though, that my roommate in college, I called him like masturbating in my boxers one time. Oh Yeah, you did wearing that. I remember that, and he was straight, he says. HMM, so I don't know about that. Could just curious this saw. I get this. I get this like having the crush on the brother's friend. Yeah, and something like that. That makes perfect sense to me. I will say I don't think I've ever picked up your underwear that I can remember and be like, yeah, that's the good stuff you make me. Used to make me put them on your face back in the day. I don't remember that. I also remember a one time how having sexual relations in somebody else's bed. That was a hot moment. I won't say who, but we did that once. We did that one was hot. Yeah, we did some kind of our version of they weren't there. Nope, and it was. It was a it was a quick one. It's not hot anymore. Not had anymore the time, though, it seemed hot. It seemed hot and it was quick. I'm quick, hot and quick.

Okay, what's the next one? So this is actually our last secret, and this is from anonymous male. Hayes Kansas. Where's Hayes Kansas? I don't know. Look it up when your phone to see of Hays hates cancer. I thing our computer in my hand. Okay, my first year of college, anything would set the fire alarm off and of course every single person in the building would have to exit. So I got the bold idea to stay behind when the next fire alarm hit, and that's just what I did from there on out. I stayed my ass in my room every time that alarm went off and it was amazing. I listened to Cardi B's new album, circle two thousand and eighteen. I would hide. It was a fun, good time. Wait, so they just hung out there alonely didn't mean dirty. No, they that's cute. They just stay when the fire alarm went off. I got the story. I've got a great story for this. Okay, go ahead. So one time, wait, did you find out? Hayes, Kansas? Yes, a town of Twentyzero people in the middle of Nowhere Kansas. Okay, it's just a town. I just like m yeah, so when I went to the University of Toledo, I my freshman year, or yeah, freshman year, I think, or g sophomore year, I can't remember when it was. I was living in one of the towers called Park Tower, and it's the first time like I was like coming out at the closet. I was starting to go to gay bars and meeting gay people and things like that, and my friend had this the girl who has friends with I've talked about her on the podcast before. We called her cooter. That was her nicknamed her one of them and keeps episode. Yes, one of her best friends was also gay and we kind of had a crush on each other right and we would like kind of flirt each other and we were out and nothing ever really happened. I think we made out a couple times the back of a car while our friends was driving to the bar or something whatever, and people used to pull the fire alarms all the time. It's an old building. They thought it was funny in the middle of night, the entire tower, all these eighteen nineteen year old kids had to exit with our R a's and stand outside based on our floor, and to stand there in the middle of it. It's like freezing half the year, right and I was like we were there after a bar one night and we were like F this, we're not going anywhere. We stayed in my friends room on our foot on and hooked up the entire time. HMM, that the alarm is going off. So I definitely got a blow job while a fire alarm was taking place and they're banging on doors because they would come into your rooms to make sure everything was gone and we hit. Me Say this, I really wanted to do what I wanted to do. Let me say this. Those are good one. To anyone listening, I know that you've heard now two stories of people standing back during fire alarm. Don't do it. Don't do it, because you never know, terrible, you never know, and so you're like, oh, this is just a test or whatever, and there's going to come that time where the room next door is going to be the one that's on fire. Yeah, to look stupid getting a blowjob on a foot on it did. All of a sudden you're like, why is getting so hot in here? Is it could meet, or is it the fired is happening next door the other side of the wall? Was Nineteen and kind of dumb. My bad. I'm so disappointed and I'm sure so disappointed. I don't have any fire alarm stories because I always left the building when a fire alarm went off, because that is the proper thing to do. Sure, so that's something that I will say. Just going back to the secrets that we revealed, this person has to be a junior in college, because these are all secrets that happened during the last two years. I leaned depending doing that. Look at you really high. Just I no, no, I literally just thought about it. There, just making a full circle moment. Yeah, also, but, like I said, also, you were still in the close in college. But yeah, but that was just me having an epiphany, because making a full circle moment here. I don't like to be ages. No, no, not relationships or when people explore out. So I definitely don't think I was being ages. I'm allowed to, though, have questions about an eighteen year gap in wine. Like lad that you figure that out, honey. Thank you, you, thank you anyway. So normally what we would do is we would have the segment where we have someone confessed their mess. Yeah, and that's when we have a guest. You have anything you want to confess to me right now? There's nothing I want to confess. I'm good and yeah, so if you want to hear some confessions from some guess, you either listen to previous episode, yes, or stay tuned for future episodes because it comes out every single Thursday. Let's each confess our favorite three episodes so far. Give our listener something to like, look forward to her to check out. If...

...this the first time coming to our PODCAST, I don't need to think this is what we are, but there's so much more to us. What are your what are your favorite because it you just put me on the spots of my three favorite episodes so far. I really, really enjoyed Robbie Anderson, because it turns me on to see my partner turned on, because I could tell you had the biggest crush on him the entire time and I kind of love that. I really, really, really loved if et Nicole Brown for a completely different reason, because she was very sweet and thoughtful and had like a genuine moment. She's like prayed for us, which I think was really, really cool. Who Else did I love? Oh Gosh, there have been a lot of good ones. I really enjoyed like Keith a lot too. WHO ELSE DO I love? How far back can I go? I mean you go back as far back to what I think, Frankie, you'r Onde was a nice one. I really enjoyed that one because I felt like I I've interviewed in many times and work with him and I got to see a different side to him. It's Veryy, sweet and open and vulnerable and I really enjoyed that. What your favorite episode so far? Honestly, all of them are my favorite. I'm not saying as like the cliche parent, but don't know. But really, I children to make I know I truly enjoy every single episode of our podcast. So I won't call these my favorites, I will say some ones to check out. Definitely drew Dorsey. That was that was a fun time and that was had a shocking secret in there that had me gagging, literally hilarious. I will say I love terreal Gryce's episode. Yeah, that's a good one too. That was really fun. Yeah, and I also I mean this was episode one, but Lacy Mosley was really fun. He's hilarious. That's that's a good place to start. Why don't you start on episode one? Yeah, and work your way up to now, because I think get caught up because, like I said, all of them are great. That's right. You really won't meet disappointed. And that's any of them. And that's on what. That's on period. We talked about periods in a heath episode quietleek. We sure to junior. So there to check that out and that will bring the cooter story full of circle. Yeah, if you want to listen to that, but you can't listen to that until you start with number one. And they work real also, if you need a visual element. These all go to youtube as well, so you can go to think, his youtubecom slash a meal and his junior and find all the confession miss episodes to see our beautiful faces. But thank you all for lessness. We really do appreciate yes, I feel like we're still I'm still like getting my myself back to normal. Yeah, I don't feel a hundred percent yet, but it's real, y'all. Yeah, safe and if you're feeling a little under the weather right now, we're sending you all kinds of love and good vibes. And this is a perfect opportunity to listen to our podcast. Oh literally, I have Comong at this before we leave, and we tell people with covid listen to our pocket. I mean, they stood right. have nothing else to do. And also, Aja Watch new girl during the his covid experience free seasons, and I got through five seasons of the Magi is on Netflix. Yeah, it was a sci Fi show and it's incredible if you like supernatural. So there's that. But listen to our podcast. All right, let's let him go. J We're not gonna singer. Goodbye Song. Wow, you're gonna actually, you don't know a goodbye song, goodbye, goodbye, good bye ye. Confess your mess is a Straw hut media podcast produced by Ryan Tillotson and Frank DRISCO. Thank you so much for listening and don't forget to subscribe and share. And if you have a secret you want to share, go to confessor mess. Thought us to submit your secret could end up in the show Bo.

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